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Happy Father's Day Kit for our interchangeable shelf sitters

Happy Father's Day Kit for our interchangeable shelf sitters

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Father's Day Kit for our interchangeable shelf sitters

This listing is for our Father's Day Kit which allows you to display it in your shelf sitter. 

Featured picture is kit on our raised shelf sitter. 


    • Each kit is made from 5/32 maple/birch wood and assembled using permanent glue or 3m adhesive.
    • Due to natural wood material and hand painting, flaws may be present and may have a slight variation in wood grain or color.
    • Kit contains Happy Father's Day banner to hang on front of wagon, arrow sign, hammer, and greatest dad plaque.
    • Approx. measurements for each piece:
        • Greatest Dad plaque 7.5"H x 3.4"W
        • Hammer 6.5"H x 2.9"W
        • Arrow sign 5.3"H x 5.1"W
        • Banner 2"H x 8.5"W     

Kits are to be placed in a shelf sitter and do not have any type of backer to hang as they are meant to lean. 

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        Additional details: 

        • New Interchangeable kits will be released throughout the year. 
        • Wagon shelf sitter can be purchased here

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